Our products

Our raw material imported high quality and low density polyethylene allows us to offer a wide range of products with printing up to 8 colors, we have certification of global food safety standard BRC. What demonstrates our level of competence in HACPP, hygiene, food safety and quality system.


We offer a wide range of bags of various sizes and types of sealing such as: bottom, double bottom, side, side reinforced, curved and continuous applicable to different product lines.

Industrial high impact

Food industry

Printed up to 8 colors

For the industry in general


We offer high and low density polyethylene measures: width 4 "to 80", different colors and characteristics: brightness, slip, UV resistance and freezing resistance.


UV Resistance

For the mattress industry

For refrigerated food line


We offer different termocontractabil sheets for automatic packaging with high impact resistance for food line and refrigerated, for industry and commerce in general.

Automatic packaging food line

Heat-shrinkable food line

Blades with high impact resistance

Laminated line refrigerated foods

Laminates and Pouch

Production of bilaminated and trilaminated packages of various products, coils and pouch: Wrap around labels, automatic packaging, Flow Pack, Doypack, etc.

Films labels Wrap around

Flow pack, bilaminate and trilaminate

Doypack Bag

Pouch Bag