What we offer?

We work with national raw material and imported high quality. We have different certifications, some are: metal safety, residual monomers, microbiological analysis, BRC global standard food safety and FDA regulations.

We are equipped with last generation industrial machinery and highly qualified employee, which allows us to offer a wide variety of products of excellent quality with the best service times in the market.


We offer a wide range of bags of various sizes and types of sealing such as: bottom, double bottom, side, side reinforced, curved and continuous applicable to different product lines.

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We offer high and low density polyethylene measures: width 4 "to 80", different colors and characteristics: brightness, slip, UV resistance and freezing resistance.

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We offer different termocontractabil sheets for automatic packaging with high impact resistance for food line and refrigerated, for industry and commerce in general.

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Laminates Pouch

Production of bilaminated and trilaminated packages of various products, coils and pouch: Wrap around labels, automatic packaging, Flow Pack, Doypack, etc.

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Quality policy

Corporation Bolsipol is a company dedicated to the manufacture and marketing of flexible packaging and wrapping in sizes and colors according to requirement: with and without printing.

• We make guaranteed quality products looking for customer satisfaction, complying with legal requirements, ensuring the quality of our processes, raw materials and supplies; therefore they dont endanger the safety of our flexible packaging and wraps.

• Guarantee the safety and health of all members of our organization by preventing injuries, illnesses and incidents related to work.

• Comply with legal requirements and those that we have subscribed to regarding quality, safety, environment, safety and health at work.

• Ensure that workers and their representatives will be consulted and participate in all occupational health and safety management system issues.

• Integrate the principles of quality, safety, environment, safety and occupational health throughout the company.

• Provide training, information and communication to our collaborators in order to involve them in the effectiveness of the quality management system, safety, environment, safety and occupational health.

• Periodically review and measure the elements of the quality management system, safety, environment, safety and health at work, taking corrective or preventive actions when appropriate in order to continuously improve our performance.

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